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sql view error in Pro

Question asked by jwolff on May 21, 2019
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We have a large, statewide dataset (1,088,439 parcel polygons) in SQL, and we can add it to Pro 2.3.2 and open the attribute table just fine.  We also have a view of this dataset in another database (for read-only access by various users), and while it CAN be added to a map where the polygons appear, an error occurs when attempting to open the attribute table:


Failed to open table.


An invalid row ID encountered.


The explore (id) tool also does not do anything.  I've deleted and recreated the view with the same results.  I can query all of the records fine in SSMS.


Is this possibly a SQL memory issue? :  We are running sql 2016.

Anyone else have similar issues?  Note that there is no error message in ArcMap 10.5.1, it just opens an empty table, although the identify tool does work.