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where is network analyst window in pro

Question asked by mkohlerpsl on May 20, 2019
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We are trying to implement a workflow for the users of our building inspections routing system. I had developed the tools as a geoprocessing workflow with python scripts and model builder tools in ArcMap 10.6 but wanted to deliver to staff  so they can use ArcPro because it is more familiar to them. 


In desktop, there is a Network Analyst Window that provides feedback and tools to fix any unlocated stops. See the attached picture. The user would just scroll down through the list and click on the issue and zoom to the stop. Then they can use the move network location tool to slide the point closer to the network or add a new street to the network. Users would fix the issues and then run the routing again. After all the issues have been fixed, the user then runs a python tool that exports everything to Workforce. 


In ArcPro, I can't seem to find the same, or similar, tools to do this workflow. Do they exist?


Additionally, in desktop, you can specify options for the route layer to snap to network or search distance tolerances. I can't seem to figure out how to do this in pro.