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New Create Locator tool: Customise result output?

Question asked by mgiss_ on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by sbritt-esristaff

With the new Create Locator tool in ArcGIS Pro, is it possible to customise the results output in any way?


I am looking to have the ability to customise the output that is returned in the [Match_addr] field which is used in applications like Collector for ArcGIS to display results when searching for.


With the legacy Create Address Locator it was possible to customise the results output in the [Match_addr] field by customising the XML stylesheet, but this does not seem to be possible with the new Create Locator tool. This does appear to be somewhat limiting compared to the legacy versions.


In addition to this, why does the 3 digit country code get returned in the results? This is not necessary if you are building a locator for a single country, can this be turned off?