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Partial Refresh doesn't work as described

Question asked by GD_Lionel on Mar 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by agray1
Hallo again,

know I am challanging another Problem.
I would like to refresh a little feature within the Map. I followed this Guide:
Now I have a big resource of different trys to let ArcMap do what I want. but...

my favorite was:
_activeView.PartialRefresh(esriViewDrawPhase.esriViewGeography, featurelayer, envelope)

In all my trys i just had two different kinds of results:
1. Everything within the envelope has been refreshed (every layer)
2. <nothing happens>

By Googling the problem i found another Post describing the same thing:
But the Solution is not what i expected.

I hope somone knows a practical solution