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Using GeoShape field in a Web Form

Question asked by cameronsmith@vhb.com_VHB on May 15, 2019
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I'm having an issue with the Web Form version of a Survey 123 Form I created. I created this Form in Survey123 Connect. I'm using the "GeoShape" field in the Form to allow for the capturing of a polygon. So GeoShape works fine in the Survey123 for ArcGIS phone app. But we also embed the Form in a web application that we have. We use the url like this: and put that in an iframe (this is straight from the embed option on the collaboration page in So here's the thing, I understand GeoShape is experimental, and I don't actually need it to work in the webform to create polygons. I would like to just hide it, and not make having a polygon be require. I tried to hide the field of type GeoShape using the "hide" query parameter. This worked to hide it in the webform, however when I submit I still get the following error: 



Is there a way to get around this error for the Web Form?


Also, does anyone have any idea when GeoShape will be actually functional in the Web Form?


Thanks a lot!