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Folder Indexing

Question asked by PChristensenGIS on May 14, 2019

I am having an issue where my ArcGIS Pro will not save the indexed folders.


For instance, I am opening a project, and Pro is telling me that my "\My Documents" folder is empty. In order for the folder contents to display, I must refresh the folder. So I refresh, then click on the folder I want to explore, empty, refresh, click folder to explore, empty, refresh all the way through the folder path until I get to the file I want. Cool, if I do that once a day or so, whatever, fine, the index must be recreated occasionally. No... It isn't just once a day, it is every time I open a folder. This occurs in the Catalog pane, and in the Pro file explorer. I can refresh it, and it works, and then 30 seconds later go in and the contents are invisible again.


Indexing is currently setup with default settings. Locally stored data with me as the sole user.


Does anyone have any pointers? Am I doing something wrong?