How to implement App Login?

Discussion created by mkguestmk on May 11, 2019



I am trying to build android app as part of implementation I am trying to implement access to different resources on my behalf for example access to  geocode service with isForStorage = true

I am using android runtime (latest version) and I tried the following:

  • Create LocatorTask with url and passed token with referrer for application that I created locatorTask.setCredential(UserCredential.createFromToken(....)))
  • geocodeParams.isForStorage = true
  • Perform call to locatorTask.geocodeAsync - I always got 403 
  • I also created Service Proxies and tried to use those urls, also with out success


Also, I have additional question: what is the best way to retrieve a token in android app?

I didn't found any specific API inside sdk, as a solution I can perform  http call with secret and client_id and after that to use retrieved token. Is this the only option?