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select_multiple : Prevent unselecting once first selection is made

Question asked by CHOUA4_SNCL on May 9, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by CHOUA4_SNCL

I have a survey in which the user must first select the sections that need to be completed. I used a select_multiple question as the first question so that the user could choose which sections to fill. Then each section consists of a group where the begin_group question is relevant to whether the corresponding choice is made in the first question, using the selected() command. However, if the user unselects a choice in the first question, the corresponding group goes off and the answers are lost. So I would like to prevent the user from unselecting a choice once he has selected it. Is there a way to make the first question readonly once the choice is made? Or another possible solution?


Thanks to all !