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How to append data from ArcPro?

Question asked by MichaelVanHatten_OGM on May 7, 2019



I am trying to update a hosted feature layer that I use for many AGOL maps. I have added new point locations with attribute data o the layer using Arcpro. The hosted feature layer automatically updates and the new points are being added, my issue arises when I try to use this layer to append the data of another layer. I have a internal and Public version of the same feature layer, I have added the new points to the internal layer and would like to append the public layer so they match. In Arcpro, when I right click and try to share the internal layer the append data option is not highlighted, I have downloaded the internal layer as a GEOJSON and a CSV and tried to update (append) the public layer through AGOL but even after letting it "update" for 30 plus minutes it never completes. I would love to be bale to append the public layer straight from Arcpro does anyone know why I cannot click the append option?