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Field Type Changes in a versioned Table with existing values

Question asked by jaygis on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2019 by asrujit_pb

Hi There, We have a geodatabase (ver 10.4.1) hosted on SQL Server 2012. There is a table that has field (Length) that requires field type change from long to double. This field has values. Since the field names are the same and only type changes, here is my workflow:


  • Create a field called LengthTemp
  • Using Edit session, Calculate value from Length to LengthTemp
  • Remove Length field
  • Add Length as double field type
  • Calculate value from LengthTemp to Length field
  • Remove Length field  


Here is the ESRI recommended approach.   


  • First reconcile and post all the versions
  • Unregister feature class
  • Change schema
  • Register feature class as versioned


The issues that we have large number of editors and getting all the users to reconcile and post before making this change will result in delaying this update. I am curious how other community members are making these types of changes.


Appreciate any feedback.