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Error creating RouteTask

Question asked by massimom61 on May 3, 2019
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I'm writing a mobile Xamarin Android app that uses a network analysis service (NAS) to find routes.
This is my work environment:
Windows 10 Pro (v. 1809)
Visual Studio 2017 Community with Xamarin
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .Net (v. 100.4.0; I also tried with v. 100.5.0)
Xamarin.Android... library packages (v.; I also tried with v.
ArcGIS Server 10.5


The NAS uri is

To create a route task I use this code:

System.Uri myNasUri = new System.Uri("");
RouteTask solveRouteTask = await RouteTask.CreateAsync(myNasUri);


When I run the app I catch this error:

Error: Esri.ArcGISRuntime.ArcGISRuntimeException: Internal error: Data type Unknown
at Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Tasks.NetworkAnalysis.RouteTask+<CreateAsync>d__11.MoveNext () [0x0005f] in C:\daily_r\api_xam\dotnet\api\src\Esri.ArcGISRuntime\Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Shared\Tasks\NetworkAnalysis\RouteTask.cs:100


If I use another (more simple) NAS at no error occurs.


Moreover, if I load in ArcMap the NAS that causes the error, and then I try to find a route with the Find Route tool, everything works properly.


Any idea what can cause the error?

Many thanks.