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Using Open/SaveItemDialog from within QueuedTask.Run

Question asked by AdamDavis on May 2, 2019
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In a very large code base that has no need for async as every action needs to be run synchronously we have been successful in finessing away async by calling our functionality from within a single QueuedTask.Run. That generally works very well. However if we try and use the Open/SaveItemDialog then we get some issues.


Is there any way of making these calls work in the current version and if not would it be possible for Esri to update these calls to function from within a QueuedTask.Run in a future version.


OpenItemDialog works in that the dialog is shown and an item can be picked.

SaveItemDialog does not work as the Save button does not close the dialog.

Both dialogs do not show the initial location.


Steps to reproduce.

protected override void OnClick()



() =>


Application.Current.Dispatcher.Invoke(() => { new SaveItemDialog().ShowDialog(); });