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Editing Symbology

Question asked by lstokes_FCX on Apr 30, 2019

Hi, i'm new to ArcPro. I havent' used ArcGIS in years either, needless to say my skills are rusty.

I'm trying to symbolize point data. I want to colour the points according to their deposit styles (for example, porphyry, epithermal, skarn etc.). I then want to resize each of them to represent the scale of the deposit (prospect, advanced showing, deposit, mine). I understand I could manually do this in the symbology pane by grouping the different fields, but the problem is 1) i'm dealing with hundreds of points and 2) This isnt a static dataset - i'll be reloading the data at least once a year to update it, so I don't want to manually group things together and colour them constantly! 


Is there a way to do this in ArcPro? I'll attach an image of what i've done so far. Thank you!!!