Export to Cad with attributes

Discussion created by demircanmurat on Apr 28, 2019
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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to export feature classes by using Export To Cad Arcmap tool. For point feature classes, I created seed file that I export point feature classes with attributes. I managed to export gis to cad with attributes for points. But If I do so for line feature class, for output I get distrupted, incorrect objects in cad file.

I tried Arcgis for Autocad plug-in. But I only managed to display feature classes attributes. I couldn't export objects to dxf-dwg file with attributes by using plug-in.


I've reached dxf file which its GIS data was exported to cad file.


But I couldn't manage to solve how they exported this GIS data to Cad file.

Because as you can see in the picture below,  blocks must have been created for every unique object. But I don't think that blocks are created manually for every object for GIS data. Is it possible to export GIS data in this way or make it possible automated?


I couldn't figure out how I should export line feature classes with attributes to CAD file. Do you have any suggestion?