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Need help creating a python script to loop through my data and join/relate points and polygons.

Question asked by 920005564@sfsu.edu_sfsu on Apr 28, 2019

I'm having a hard time writing a python script that would allow me to loop through my data and link data from one attribute table to another.  My goal is to get information from property tax roll data point data (ex: number of units, property area) to be included in the parcel polygon records.  I am working with parcel data (polygons) and property tax roll data (points). 


   -  For every parcel there are multiple polygons which are intended to represent the different lots in each parcel.       (442,960 records)

   - The property tax roll data includes multiple points per parcel/lot because the data includes records ranging over       many years. (1,048,575 records)


I want to link information from ONE point to each corresponding polygon.  I want to select one point per "Parcel Number" by the most recent year.  Should I attempt to reduce the point data first; getting the single record per "Parcel Number" before linking the point and polygon data?  Please look at the image below to get a sense of what I am trying to do.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!