ArcSDM (Spatial Data Modeling) problem

Discussion created by fegyi001 on Mar 2, 2011
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Hello everyone.

I'm using ArcGIS 9.3.1 in windowsXP 32 bit operating system.
I used the ArcSDM tool for calculating the Weight of Evidence for my data set and I have a problem with the Unit Area option.

After successfully setting the right environmental parameters I tested it. It worked just fine with the integer value 1 km2. Created the W+/W- table etc.

But the 1 km2 is too big for me for unit area, I'd like to use 0.0001 km2 instead of it. But this time the following error message appeared:


Executing: CalculateWeights fdt100_r02_sarbogardi.tif Value lelohelyek_sarbogardi_armsrace_centroid Categorical T:\!Hálózatra_T\Hatastanulmanyok_kosz\01_egyeb\00torolheto\arcsdm\tablefolyo09.dbf 2 0,0001 -99 false
Start Time: Tue Mar 01 15:59:32 2011
Running script CalculateWeights...

Traceback Info:
  File "<string>", line 167, in <module>

Error Info:
    <type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: invalid literal for float(): 0,0001

<type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: invalid literal for float(): 0,0001
Failed to execute (CalculateWeights).
End Time: Tue Mar 01 15:59:33 2011 (Elapsed Time: 1,00 seconds)


Could anyone help me how to make the script accept my floating values?

Thanks in advance!