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Error creating intensity using LAS Dataset to Tiled Rasters

Question asked by mdaurio on Apr 23, 2019

I successfully created tiled DSMs using the LAS Dataset to Tiled Rasters in ArcMap (incidentally, I couldn't get this tool to run in Pro due to a strange syntax error). However, when I tried to create tiled intensity images using the same LAS Dataset, I get Error 000800: The value is not a member of FLOAT | INT. 

Unlike in the LAS Dataset to Raster tool, there is no place to specify whether the output should be float or integer.


The code behind the tool indicates that if Intensity instead of Elevation is specified as the LAS Values to Export parameter, the raster type should be an integer. Otherwise, if the LAS Values parameter is Elevation, the output rasters should be float. These parameters of the tool don't seem to be working.


Attached are images of the error, of the LAS Dataset to Tiled Rasters tool as I have it filled out, and of the part of the code for the tool pertaining to integer outputs.


Thanks for any help.