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Error 000224: Cannot insert features when importing large feature class into enterprise database

Question asked by COReGISAdmin on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by COReGISAdmin

I am attempting to import  feature classes in a fgdb  into an enterprise database. ArcGIS for Desktop 10.3.1. Enterprise Databases in SQL Server 2014. Two of the features classes are large.


In ArcCatalog when I select to import feature class (single) into the enterprise database and select to import one of the large feature classes I get the error 000224: Cannot insert features. When I select to import feature class (multiple) and select all the feature classes in the fgdb that I want to import into the enterprise database the smaller feature classes import, then when the processing attempts to import the two largest features classes the same error 000224 occurs.


I am replacing existing feature classes in the enterprise database by attempting to import the new  and when succesfully imported and tested remove the existing and rename the new feature classes to those of the originals. Enterprise database properties that I can view in SQL Server Management Studio are ROWS Data: Initial Size 104,024 MB and Autogrowth/Maxsize  is 10%, unlimited. LOG: Initial size 74,248MB, Autogrowth/Maxsize 2,097MB,152MB.


The original feature classes that currently exist in the enterprise geodatabase have the following Storage Properties; one has Index Space 1,273MB, Row count 12839349, Data space 15,007MB and the other has Index Space 2,085MB, Row count 36072588, Data space 23,140.688MB. The new versions should not vastly vary from the existing in terms of those properties.


Previous methodology was to merely delete the original feature classes and import the new. I am being more cautious in wanting to import the new and retain the existing until tested. The fgdb feature classes that I want to import I can load into ArcMap and view without error. I am using a dataloader connection that has insert permissions and I have tested successfully importing other objects into the enterprise geodatabase.


Could amending the  Autogrowth/Maxsize properties on the enterprise geodatabase resolve the issue?


Many thanks.