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Make XY Event Layer tool not reading fields from .xlsx & fails when importing from .csv?

Question asked by jakubsisak on Apr 23, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2019 by jakubsisak

When I create an XY event layer in ArcMap from an .xlsx sheet it automatically reads X and Y fields OR I am allowed to choose those from a dropdown menu.  PRO does not read XY fields from .xlsx  nor does it read the field names into a similar drop down menu. This small difference makes importing XY data into Pro very cumbersome.  When I re-save the spreadsheet as a CSV file, PRO will read the field names and pre-populate X and Y fields but then it fails on execute with:  ERROR 000055: Cannot create a Query Table for this workspace Failed to execute (MakeXYEventLayer).


Both identical .xlsx and .csv succeed in ArcMap without a glitch.




EDIT: As Kory pointed out the issue with reading field names from an Excel file is an existing bug. I was able to successfully create an XY event layer after reviewing the source data and again and ensuring all values in X and Y columns were numeric.