Is Python a nightmare when working with ArcGIS Pro?

Discussion created by mraza@iastate.edu_ISUGISF on Apr 22, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by hziegler-esristaff

I am new to Python. Recently I had used Random Forest in ArcGIS Pro, but I wanted to use it directly using the Scikit-learn library. As I am new, so I started with Seagrass prediction tutorial to understand how the codes work.


When I use the built-in Python interface in ArcGIS Pro, it gave an error for the Scikit-learn library as it couldn’t find the package. I downloaded the Jupyter notebook and tried the initial libraries importing codes, given in the tutorial, but then the Arcpy package wasn’t found.


I have spent the last three days only resolving errors but in vain. I have tried almost every solution that I could find on webpages or blogs, but nothing worked.

Am I making some basic mistake or Python is perhaps a nightmare when working with ArcGIS Pro? Any help to resolve this basic issue would be appreciated.