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Since the TLS update... maps not loading

Question asked by MelissaDollman on Apr 18, 2019
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I'm encountering a weird error on my site (ArcGIS Online) after the update on the 16th. My project utilizes a number of maps, embedded in a number of tabs, and I'm finding that they will load just fine, but after moving to another tab and back again I get the frowny face error message for the same maps that previously loaded. 


I swapped out any vector maps for more basic basemaps, but same same. 



  • It only happens in three places/tabs. The rest seems to be fine.
  • Did not happen prior to 9pm PST on the 16th. tls1.2 error
  • Does not happen on Firefox  or Safari, only Chrome.


As this is my dissertation, I'm not posting the link publicly, but am happy to share and troubleshoot, if need be, off-site.


Thank you much,