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Survey Submit Button works periodically based on data

Question asked by mowi_cw on Apr 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

I have a Fish Health site visit survey that is quite complicated (500+ lines and 12 repeats some with nested repeats) but for the most part it seems to be working fine.  I have added 47 surveys to the data without issue.  However there are some surveys that the data freezes the survey submit button. I can still work in the survey and add/change data within the survey but the submit button will not work.  I believe it is particular to the combination of data that I am entering. What I mean is there is a combination of data that every time I enter that particular combination (though I am still trying to find the offending question(s)) the submit button in the bottom right will not work.  I can exit the survey and save it to drafts but still when I go back in the submit button still does not work.  I have closed out gone back in and every time I try to submit that same data the submit button will not work.  I collect a different survey with different data and it enters fine and then create a new collection with problematic data and it will not submit again.  No error message, just pressing the submit button does nothing.


In my first 60 surveys collected 47 surveys with different combinations of data submit fine and 13 surveys will not submit regardless of in what order I enter the data for that survey.  These 13 surveys do not seem to have a common link as they occur at different locations and all have unique data particular to that survey.  There is are a couple of image questions (for signatures and for photos) but I have tried submitting the data without that and it still will not work.


Is there a size limit on the submission of a survey?  


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