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Different results when manually applying raster functions vs. using a raster function template on same raster dataset

Question asked by cmm30 on Apr 16, 2019

Why would I be getting a different value range when I run the same file through a series of raster functions manually compared to the same functions that I saved in a template?  In my 1st attachment, the lower gray scale layer was put through Apparent Reflectance, Tasseled Cap, then had Band 3 extracted from the TC result all in an RFT.  The three layers above that show the results of doing it manually. I've run other rasters through the same processes and gotten the same type of problem.  I don't see a pattern in the differences, the lows and highs are varied: on one raster it was 7 off on the high, but on another it was 9 off; on the same two, one was 16 off on the low and the other 79 off on the low.  Hopefully this is making sense.  Any ideas?