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Is there any way to modify the field names in the web based data viewer?

Question asked by dforbuss_RVSS on Apr 16, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2019 by dforbuss_RVSS

  I have some field labels that are so large that they are pushing the header of the table down and covering up the rows in the table.  I've tried swapping around the "label" and "hints" entries -- for example I moved the lengthy question that was in the label over to the hint and placed an abbreviated  portion in the label location.  The problem is when I go to the survey123 data viewer, the field names seem to be defaulting to whichever of those entries are the longest.  I need the survey form itself to remain as-is (with the lengthy, detailed questions), but I need to be able to use the data viewer and I'm not sure what the order of priorities are for which xlsform field it uses as the field names for the viewer's columns.