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Make my custom splash screen widget work without a button?

Question asked by timdine on Apr 15, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2019 by timdine

I've made a copy of the splash widget to give it some custom behavior without having to give up the splash widget.  The plan is to take my custom widget working in the developer edition and deploy it to portal to use as an option in future sites.


The new functionality works, but I can't get the configuration to work quite correctly.  I want to have the widget available in the same spot on the add widget page as the splash screen instead of in the list of widgets that can be added as buttons to be activated.  


I don't believe I added anything to the splash widget to make it have a button, I'm assuming I've missed adding something to get it in that list.  I've found some information about manifest.js, what I've tried there hasn't worked.  Is there a piece of documentation that suggests how this is supposed to work?  Should I have started from scratch instead of thinking the splash widget would have been a good sample to start with?