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Passing values from Survey123 to Collector

Question asked by auburSNC on Apr 12, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

Hello, I have a Survey123 form from which i launch a Collector. In the label column of a Note field, I have this syntax to call the webmap used by Collector, then specify which feature to use, but am missing the part to pass on the value of a field in Survey123 to have it written in a specific field in Collector. I want the value of survey123 field UniqueID passed on to the Collector field UnicID. Thanks


<a href="arcgis-collector://?itemID=a5efd9a3b9864ee698b9893484452a45&featureSourceURL=">Lancez App Collector pour la saisie de lignes ou polygones si requis</a>