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Adding a CSV file into a Portal for ArcGIS app

Question asked by jgeo64 on Apr 10, 2019
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I tried to add a simple csv file to the map we have in an ArcGIS for Portal app (v10.5). I get the following: 

Error 001551: Unable to access portal's geocode service from the hosted server. Failed to execute (Analyze features for Portal) failed.


We are able to add a KMZ and a CSV containing lat/long coordinates using the Add Data widget from Developer version of Web App Builder. I thought that our Add Data widget being defaulted to "Allow ArcGIS Online" would enable us to tap into the ESRI World Geocoder, which is configured as a utility service in our Portal settings.  


In addition, in our Server Manager, we have it set up with Upload Operations allowed in the Capabilities section for the Geocoding Tools. Is there a setting we are missing here, or is that capability not available for this version of Portal for ArcGIS?


Thanks in advance. -jg

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