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Inconsistency in reverse geocoding results across field app and browser

Question asked by Koelker12 on Apr 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 16, 2019 by Koelker12

While designing a survey that takes advantage of reverse geocoding a user created geopoint to populate an address field, I'm seeing a difference in the information pulled from the default ESRI World Geocoding service depending on if I fill out the form via the field app or the browser app. See screenshots below. Both points are in the same location, and while the field app returns an address number and a street, the browser form always returns an intersection of two streets, and never an address number. Often if the geopoint is not near an intersection, the two streets returned won't even make sense. It might grab a second street hundreds of meters away or a block over, and which never intersects the first street. Or two distant streets entirely. I don't see this level of inaccuracy in the field app.


It's also not a matter of the two points having slightly different lat/lon. I'm able to reproduce this consistently, where the field app can semi-reliably return an address number and street and the browser form only gives two street names. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? For this test field I'm just using < pulldata("@geopoint",${locationfield}, "reversegeocode") > and the default ESRI World Geocoder. Appreciate any help.


Survey123 Connect preview


Survey123 Browser form

Standalone Survey123 Field App on Windows


I get the same results on the Android field app that I do on the Windows field app above.