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What if you need two iterators in one model? Looking to batch clip multiple shapefiles with a Feature Selection iterator?

Question asked by neldia16 on Apr 10, 2019
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I am working on a series of maps in ArcGIS Pro, matching wind speed and direction with a modeled migratory path of 19 sparrows for the month of April. The wind speed and direction shapefiles are from NDFD. They large gridded polygons covering the CONUS. I have two shapefiles for each day eg. sunset and sunrise. I only need a radius 50km from each shapefile for each sparrow point. I need to do a sort of batch clip with a feature selection iterator.


The diagram below may be a bit much but my main question lies in the Model 2 - Clip section. I only need to join the wind speed and direction once to reuse them but the area to clip will change for each bird and for each time stamp.



Thank you for your help.