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Colormap value for "no color"?

Question asked by GabrielFM on Apr 5, 2019

I created a mosaic dataset and am using the unique values renderer. I applied a color ramp, but changed a few values to "No Color". I then exported my colormap and imported it for other mosaic datasets. I was surprised to see that the raster values set to "No Color" had a color assigned when I applied the colormap to another dataset. 


Given that there are only 3 values (R, G, B) for each line, is it possible to assign the "No Color" value? If not, it seems to be a shortfall. How do others accomplish this?


For some reason, saving the first mosaic as a layer and importing the layer in the symbology pane results in an error. "Failed to display the raster layer as Unique Values" even though it is set for Unique Values already.