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How to calculate a field based on multiple conditions?

Question asked by Michael_Fazio on Apr 2, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2019 by JTedrick-esristaff

I am creating a survey that is going to be used to collect water quality. The end user has specific criteria that they would like to use in symbolizing the data. The specific criteria are:




Basically, if the answers to 3 questions  meet one of those criteria, I want to calculate a separate field to auto-fill the appropriate Description, and use that to symbolize the data. Currently I have this in the calculation field:


if((${P}<15,and ${TN}<400,and${ChloroA}<3),"Oligotrophic"), +  if((${P}>15 and <=25, and${TN}>400 and <=600,and${ChloroA}>3 and <=600),"Mesotrophic") + if((${P}>25,and ${TN}>=600,and${ChloroA}>=7),"Eutrophic")


I've only recently taken the deep dive into creating more complex surveys so I could be really missing something here. I have attached a copy of my survey sheet for reference.




Here is the error I keep receiving: