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Copy and Project Features Slowing Down Script in Python Window

Question asked by deleted-user-1_r2dgYuILKY on Mar 28, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by bixb0012

I have a script that copies thousands of features, performs analysis and then deletes the copies. When I run this script in the Python window in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.1, each feature is copied and displayed in the TOC (ex. feature_new), and then is deleted. However, each time this happens, another copy with the original feature name and a number (ex. feature_old26) is created in the TOC, and remains after the script moves on to the next feature. So I have thousands of these in the TOC (see photo). If I use arcpy.env.addOutputsToMap = False in the script, the script immediately fails on copy features. ERROR 000732: Input Features: Dataset feature_old26 does not exist or is not supported. I know that this particular bug was logged almost a year ago (BUG-000116163), but I can't find any information about it. 


The issue I have with this is that it's dramatically slowing down the Python script execution over time as hundreds or thousands of features build up in the TOC. I would run it in standalone IDLE, but for some reason it's faster in the Python window at first.