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'Show item details' problem

Question asked by Peter.Smith_FBA on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2019 by Peter.Smith_FBA

I've created a web map and a web mapping application (based on the web map), and shared them publicly.

The map contains some hosted feature layers and when I click to show a layer's item details, from the map, I get taken to the correct overview page. However, trying to view the same layer's item details, via the app, I am asked to enter my login details. Can anyone explain why this is so?

Map link:

App link:

An example problem layer is 'Fitzroy Subcatchments'.

The only difference that I can see is that the map's address starts with '', where the app address starts with ''.

How do I resolve this problem? Some of the other feature layers contain important caveats, and it is necessary for any user to be able to access this detail.