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ArcGIS Pro not loading world file with .PNG image

Question asked by dashton6543 on Mar 26, 2019
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Hi everyone, 

I am fairly new to GIS, and brand new to ArcGIS Pro (Came from ArcMap) so forgive me if the answer is glaringly obvious.  I recently created a visual basic program that generates an image from the Google Static Maps API with a respective ESRI world file (.PGW).  Below is an example image with the corresponding world file: 


The image is named "staticmap.png" and the world file is "staticmap.pgw", they are both saved in the same folder.  I first tried assigning the "Mercador Wab Map" projection to the image before loading it in my map.  Here are some of the things I've tried so far: 

  • Loading it in without the world file present, it loads in the Pacific Ocean.  
  • Assigning the Mercador Web Map and then loading the image with world file in my map, which results in it appearing outside of Africa (it should be in southern oregon).  
  • Deleting all references to the image / world file in ArcGIS Pro and regenerating both, loading into my map without a projection (It loads in the same spot it loaded without a world file present).  This step convinced me that the program is ignoring my world file for some reason, maybe I wrote it incorrectly? 
  • Tried it in ArcMap with the same results. 


If anyone is able to help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated, thanks!