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GDB table with XY data fields won't put geometry/points on map

Question asked by WhenMapsWerePaper on Mar 26, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by dknolan

Forgive my newness, I got tossed to the wolves with a project here at work just because once upon a time I was a Geography major.  I'm really good and unafraid as a software/computer user user and have tried my best to troubleshoot what I'm about to ask.  I am at my wit's end though and need some help.


I am in a GDB that was set up by an outside entity to submit data to them that will show my company's locations on a map.  Using ArcMap 10.5.1 and have a layer set up with a street basemap and the GDB.  I open the table that is built into the GDB and then enter Edit Features mode.  Rather than plot a point onto the map and have the table create a new object row, because I have a few hundred locations to list (each with about 18 pieces of data each, in the table) it is way easier to just past my data in from an Excel spreadsheet that I have open.  Here's the problem...even though the XY data looks to be set up correctly when I look at the GDB/table fields in ArcCatalog, it will not plot a point/show geometry on the map.  When I dig around in ArcCatalog, I can see so many options that I try and try to get me there, but I just can't figure it out - how to get it to use the XY data fields to then actually show a visual point ON the map.


If screenshots of anything would help...I'm happy to oblige.


Thank you in advance!!