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Unable to update feature (feature view) in offline-mode Collector App

Question asked by Borgman on Mar 22, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by LHristova-esristaff

I've made a Web Map with 1 Feature Layer and 2 "Hosted View, Feature Layers". I've set up the map as such to visualize 1 Feature Layer in different ways in 1 map.


When I open the map in ArcGIS Collector on Android, Online, I can edit the layers and there is no problem. When I take the map offline it tells me I cannot update the feature.


Is it possible to edit Hosted View, Feature Layers offline? If so: what could I be doing wrong?

I have read: Take the same layer offline twice in Collector using feature layer views and Create hosted feature layer views from ESRI.