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Issues working with Survey123

Question asked by kartacon on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff



I'm trying to build a simple form for folks to report issues, such as potholes, street light out etc.


One of the key things I wanted was for the geopoint map, where the user selects the issue location, to show the already existing features (previously entered survey form locations) in order to show that something was already reported or resolved.  This didn't seem possible using the web designer so I started with the desktop (Connect) application using an existing feature service.


Here are the issues I am seeing:

  • Using Connect still doesn't show the existing features on the map
  • Connect does not offer the same options as the web configurator.  Such as
    • The geopoint question doesn't show the actual map preview at all.  You have to hit a button first
    • The geopoint map does not seem to allow it to default to the users current location
    • "Allow the respondent to add another record" doesn't seem to exist and if I try to add that using the web configurator after creating in Connect, it simply doesn't save it that way.


So Connect just seems to not have as much functionality in this way so I suppose I will stick with the web configurator but I'm still left with how to display the existing features on the map.


Any suggestions on how to remedy this?