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Append output not snapping to snap raster (Append in Iterator/Modelbuilder)

Question asked by TabithaKay on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by curtvprice

I am having a problem with the output of an Append tool because the result is off 500m by 18m from the raster dataset in the snap raster environment of the modelbuilder.


Software: ArcGIS Desktop 10.6


Background: The Append tool is the last tool in the model. The model has an iterate feature selection which chooses features by name, performs calculations through an RC and then is supposed to append the result in an empty raster.


Problem: The result before and after the append is correct i.e. its data in the cell is correct on both accounts but the appended results shifts 500m to the right and 18m up. All snap and processing extent properties have been re-checked and are set correctly i.e in the modelbuilder and in the making of the empty append raster dataset.


Possible solutions done: many! Including running the model in the ArcCatalog, running it in the foreground in ArcMap, changing the Schema type in the Append tool, setting up the environment settings again in the Append tool (over and above the ones for the modelbuilder), reducing the results by 1000 (the result has many zeros), running iterator in a sub-model and the Append tool in a master model….but nothing seems to work. This last solution gave an error that one of the datasets during the beginning of the iteration can not be deleted. My last option left is to shift the whole appended dataset with the Shift tool.


Before I do this, I wanted to share and ask if there's anything am missing and what I can do to have the appended results snap to raster correctly (without the shift).