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Web form timeout problem

Question asked by brita.vespere on Mar 18, 2019
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Survey is published from Connect (tried with the newest version 3.3 and older versions) and is supposed to be filled out only on web browser. 

The survey is published to AGOL and Portal for ArcGIS, acts the same on both:

  • publishes with no problems (used html style tag in some places, a lot of hidden calculations with if statements);
  • when opened in web times out while looking 'wrong' (as in the image attached), then when clicked "Wait", it loads as needed;
  • filling questions takes at least 7-10 sec for each, to even click on other question (radio buttons, decimal input etc.) - this is not for all questions: at first there are 10 questions and based on their responses other things are calculated and relevant question groups are shown;
  • when submitting - the same delay, but in the end the data is collected.


Could there be some problems with the way the form is created that could cause the described behavior?


images added


Any comments will help!


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