Dynamic Map genration from SQL data for web application using ArcGIS Pro

Discussion created by ianlouw7 on Mar 13, 2019
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Hi All..

I am very new to GIS in terms of dynamic map generation. I have only option to use ArcGIS Pro and SQL server. I have a situation like below and need a guidance urgently. Please please please help!!!

I have one poly line layer with columns - ID, Name, Length & Diameter in ArcGIS Pro. I also have SQL database tables for same layer with columns - ID and Alert (value : 0 - 5). Now I have to generate a Map having alert value in it and based on alert value I need to symbolize the lines either in RED (0 - 2), Green (3 - 4), Amber = 5. After that I have to embed that map in one dot net web application. The SQL table alert values will get chnage in every one hour and based on new data available for each poly line in SQL table, my published embedded web map should reflect the same.


What I have done so far:

1. Open the layer in ArcGIS.

2. Create a database connection to my SQL DB and bring the table as a standalone table in content panel of ArcGIS Pro.

3. Made a Join between feature layer and standalone table based on ID to get alert value added in layer attribute.
4. Try to share that map as web map from ArcGIS pro sharing option. This gives me an error like "In-memory join can not be published".

My plan and thought was like above way I will publish the map with a;alert value in ArcGIS online and from there will open it in map viewer and then will take the embedded HTML code by clicking on share and use that HTML in web application placeholder.

But now I am stuck in publishing the map as web map due to having in memory join between feature layer and SQL table. And also I am doubting that after this will I be able to get my embedded map refreshed when SQL data changes as it is already published.

So, first of all I need help on how to publish the map with SQL data (here alert for lines) by overcoming in memory join.
And then need a guidance if at all with this approach my published map will get refreshed in web application when there is a chnage in SQL alert value. If not then how to achieve this as that is the utmost goal.

I am eagerly waiting for some help here to survive..

Thank You!!