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How to re-sync maps so that it adds layers to the existing Illustrator file?

Question asked by mpopkin on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by mpopkin

I am trying to figure out the consistent method in re-syncing a map compilation so that it adds layers into the existing AI file that already has an embedded map. I can't seem to find any consistencies with my methods. Sometimes it works perfectly and adds the layers into the AI file I already have, and sometimes it creates a brand new AI file. When it does work the way I want it to, I see that the extension will temporarily create a new illustrator file, only to later remove it and proceed to add in the layers in the Illustrator file I am working on.


It does seem that after I do create the duplicate file that is created when I re-sync, that it behaves correctly in adding the layers into itself instead of creating a brand new file.


I have tried the following already:

  • Changing the name of the Mapboard to match with the AI file
  • Making sure to not press the lock button
  • Ensuring that the map is still embedded in the Illustrator file itself
  • Maintaining the exact name of the illustrator layers doesn't seem to do or prevent the new file from being generated. I have had scenarios where I removed some illustrator layers, and added new ones, so I do not think this impacts the syncing.
  • Making a copy and renaming the file something different in Windows explorer file browser doesn't seem to do or prevent the new file from being generated.
  • Saving a new copy with a different name in Illustrator itself also does not seem to do or prevent the new file from being generated.


It seems to have to do with the name of the file and needing to at on an underscore followed by a number. With our filing system, we do not number our files with this method, and we typically resave or rename the file by hand to get the number we want. If I want to keep this method, would I have to accept that the extension will always create a new illustrator file? So I would have to move the illustrator layers over to the file that I am working on? 


I hope this makes some sense! Thanks.