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Relevant field based on multiple conditions being met

Question asked by darrell_kundargi@fws.gov_fws on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

I'm trying to create a relevant condition based on whether or field staff need to record one or two pieces of data.


The two types of data are 1) pump meter readings, and 2) staff plate readings.


Some gages are just pump meter readings, some gages are staff plate readings, and some gages are both. 


For the gages that are both, on some days the staff need to record just the pump meter readings, other days they just need staff plate readings, and some days they need both. Whatever the type of data they need to record, I want that data field to be required.


I created a relevant formula that works, here's an example:


${pondStaffRead}='yes' or ${Gage_Name}!='#1_20HP' or ${Gage_Name}!='#2_50HP' or ${Gage_Name}!='#3_75HP' or ${Gage_Name}!='#4_60HP' or ${Gage_Name}!='#5_30HP' or ${Gage_Name}!='Gator'


Every time a new gage comes online I have to update the relevant field for both data types. Is there another I can accomplish this that isn't so unwieldy?