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Unregister/Configure Data Store

Question asked by Martin_Maretta on Mar 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2019 by Martin_Maretta

Hi all,

I have upgrade our ArcGIS Enterprise solution from 10.6 to 10.6.1

However I have problem with Data Store configuration.

I ran configuration and it failed with Relational Data store.

I unregister it, and tried to run configuration wizard again.

But problem is that Relational Type is still "check", but at begening of wizard I have only TileCashe configured - so Relational should not be "check". So now I have unregister Relational DS and I could not configure new one.

Is there some config file where I can just simply delete that option ? Or some other trick?


Please see picture in attachment where you cen see the difference.


Thanks in advance