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When I add WMS layers to a web map, the Group Filter widget in my Web App no longer works.  Is this expected?

Question asked by ct_mapuser on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 31, 2019 by jason.rogers_afdcgs

I've built a web map that has three layers (featured layers (hosted on AGOL).  I then used the WebApp builder to create a Web App from the foldable theme.  To this I have added the Group Filter widget and I've added three filter groups.  When I launch the App, the filter groups work fine with only these three layers.  I also need to add some other WMS layers from a Canadian Provincial website ( BC Data Catalogue).  I add these to the map and then launch the web App again and the Group Filter groups are no longer available and I can no longer apply the filters.  Is this expected behaviour?  I can't find anything about this in the descriptions of the widgets.