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Is there a way for a public account to browse my organization's 'home page' and all of the content that we have shared with the public?

Question asked by azendel on Mar 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by KGerrow-esristaff

I did search for this answer before starting this post, but came up with nothing. 


If my organization's home page is, how can I direct a public user to view all of the content we have shared with the public. Doing a general AGO search for our organization only returns a fraction of our publically shared content. And the user must search for very specific keywords/tags that they may not think of. A lot of content from other organizations is returned in the search results as well. I don't want them to have to sift through all of that.  When I go to and sign in with a public account, it returns "The username you entered is not a member of this organization". That's true, but I'd like a public account to be able to browse all of our public content. 


I imagine I'm missing something pretty simple here..... Thanks!