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Survey 123 Choice Filter select all if nothing chosen.

Question asked by FSwaciak on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by bstokes-esristaff

So I am attempting to create a survey question that filters water bodies by NY county selected. I have only been successful in getting the correct water body for the specified county to display. But I would like the drop down for water bodies to default to displaying all the water bodies when no county is chosen but the choice_filter is only allowing water body names to displayed when their county is chosen.


I have tried creating a separate hidden "choicefilter" row with a calculation stating to display all counties if 'blank' is True and to display county if it is False. And then writing ${choicefilter} for the water body selection choice_filter column.


I am wondering if there is a formula I could write directly into the choice_filter column or if there is a different way to write the calculation 


Thank you and I hope there is a simple enough solution for this problem.