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How to create AOI (Area of Interest) in 3D format?

Question asked by StefanieYe on Mar 8, 2019
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Does anyone know how do I create the "aoi_park" as mentioned in the tutorial? You can see the "aoi_park" I refer to at the beginning of below video.

The "aoi_park" is not a simple polygon, it's a Area Of Interest (AOI) layer in 3D format. I know how to create AOI in 2D, but not 3D. I created a 2D AOI and load to my map with 3D buildings and terrain, it looks weird, since some parts of the 2D AOI would fall under ground. And it won't let me run the function to evaluate shadow because it requires 3D AOI.
Does anyone know how to create an AOI in 3D format? I tried to search a lot, but without any luck yet. Thanks in advance!