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CS student needs help for Open Data project

Question asked by deleted-user-TWrDPrRtd5gf on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by PSLarkin_SpokaneCounty

I am a computer science student and I working on this project;

Goal: Python script to publish hosted feature layer to AGOL from a geodatabase. To eventually move features to Open Data.

I am referencing my arcpy object to a Pro project in which lives a gdb file. I store the list of items from the gdb into a list called lyrList that is sent to my publish function.

Problem: Publishing is working, however, the sharing to my groups is not. I am passing a list with two group names to UploadServiceDefinition_server just like the documentation asks for. Code was written referencing the sharing module found here: FeatureSharingDraft

My publish( ) function looks like this:

my_groups is a python list of two group names that I need to share to. To me it seems that in my sharing draft I have a property set  to no sharing and my Service Definition is not overriding when I call to UploadServiceDefinition( )


Please, any help is greatly appreciated.