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Select by Attribute discrepency: 

Question asked by matt2414 on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by Dan_Patterson

I have a table with five column that have integers in them ranging from 0 to 10.  When I use the Select Layer by Attribute tool and search for all records "is equal to" 0 I get a number.  When I then do a search with "is not equal to" 0 I get another number.  However the number of records I get for not equal to zero is different doing the search and subtracting the equal to zero from total.  The discrepancy is the same for all columns.  Example:  Total number of records 16,094 total number of records equat to 0 is 4,818.  So 16,094-4,818 = 12,086 When I do a Select by Attribute "not equal to zero" I get 11,276.  12,086-11,276=810.  This is true for five different columns with different data.  So, it appears that there are 810 records that are neither "not equal to 0" or "equal to 0".  This is not possile. Any ideas?


Total                                           16,904

=0                                                4,818

Difference (i.e. not equal to 0)   12,086

"NOT = 0"                                    11,276

Discrepency                                    810  This number is the same for all five columns