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Hosted feature layer update disappears

Question asked by scott.louque on Mar 6, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2019 by scott.louque

I have a polygon hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Online which I would like to update as needed for use in Collector. There are a couple of issues I am trying to figure out so I don't have to keep publishing a shapefile after every update I do. I have found that if you sign into your ArcGIS Online account from ArcMap, then you can bring the hosted feature layer into ArcMap and make the updates there but


1. The polygon hosted feature layer I am trying to update won't go into editing mode or it is just taking forever before it does. This could be bc there are multiple polygon features in the layer. Not sure though.


2. I have created a new polygon shapefile  with only one feature in it and published it to my ArcGIS Online account to see if it would go into editing mode faster which it does but when I add a new feature to it and try to sync it with the ArcGIS Online server, the update disappears from the map. Why is this?

The entry still appears in the attribute table but the polygon disappears from the map.


Could someone please help?